Local man shows of his Whibbit creations at the Sale Arts Trail

Local art tutor, amateur animator and model maker James Pollitt will be showcasing his creations at the Sale Arts Trail raising money for his next film.

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James Pollitt with his whippet dogs

James has based his ‘Whibbits’ on his own whippet dogs.

The Whibbit models are made from random things such as nuts and bolts, corks, and cable ties, they have appeared in several animated films which you can view by going to the Whibbits Website

Six different Whibbits will be on show during the Sale Arts Trail and each model has its own postcard to collect, they will be based at the Waterside Arts Centre, Minikin Paint a Pot studio, Bean and Brush, Amphora CAfe, Sale Library, and the Sale Arts Trail Pop-up shop.

The Whibbits will be on display until the end of July

In 2015, with little stop-motion experience, James set himself the challenge to make an experimental dog puppet from only the items in his toolbox. ‘Bitz’ (the original Whibbit) went onto star in a five minute film that played in international festivals and screenings, including California, Greece and (of course) Manchester.

Animation is very, very time consuming, so some financial support is needed. James used kickstarter to fund some of his earlier work but after his creations started attracting more followers, James discovered that there was a lot of interest from people who wanted to own Whibbit of their own, so he continued to fund his film work by selling
replica models via his website.

These models, along with sales of other merchandise have helped to fund the project’s development and over 50 Whibbits have been made so far- sold to customers from the UK, USA and Australia.

You can view the animations by clicking HERE

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