Car park attendent rows with a Fed Ex courier in Sale

A car park attendant got a bit of a red ear from a very angry Fed Ex driver in Sale today (July 11).


The courier parked up his vehicle on a double yellow line on John Street near to Tesco.

As the car park attendant photographed the van from all angles he slapped a ticket on the windscreen, soon after the courier came out and saw the ticket, by this time he went crazy beeping his horn many times then chased after the car park attendant.

Shoppers also witnessed a woman the driver almost knocked down, she responded by shouting at the driver.

The courier was using his arms to show his frustrations and arguing with the attendant, this continued for around 20 minutes when the attendant decided to leave the scene, the courier got the ticket and threw it away.

Many shoppers saw the courier get back in his van and regained some control and off he went.

The attendant said that he had seen the courier before and was told not to park his van up in the same place because he threw the ticket the fine would be increased.

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