Labour and the Tories battle it out at a Trafford Council meeting

Trafford Labour and the Trafford Tories had a ding dong battle last night in Trafford Council’s chambers.

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In a meeting held last night (July 10) at Trafford Council was about how bad things have become for children’s services in the borough with an OFSTED report showing the council as inadequate.

This meeting was Labour vs Tories and everyone was blaming each other, rather than come to an acceptable solution so that no child has to suffer.

Interestingly both Partington councillors stood up and both claimed the village (soon to be a big city within a city) has 42% of kids in poverty, 42% is not the highest as Old Trafford is at around 50% of children in poverty.

We agree completely that the Tories did not help when they were in power shutting down 14 sure start centres, closing down all the youth centres and closing children’s homes were just insane, with Labour in power they are having to carry the can for the Tories failures.

Trafford Labour will need to do much more though in the coming months ahead so that the next OFSTED report says ‘good’ again, no excuses can be accepted as to what has happened in the past.

Lib Dems Timperley councillor Jane Brophy said ‘’It is a very worrying and serious issue that Trafford received an ‘inadequate’ judgement. Councillors should take this feedback to heart.

“I understand that the report was discussed in depth at Children’s and Young People’s scrutiny committee last night, which is where it should be dealt with.

“The Liberal Democrat Group would like to thank and give our full support to all the dedicated staff within Trafford’s Children’s Services, who are working under extremely challenging circumstances.

“Liberal Democrat councillors can’t support this issue being politicised at Full Council

“We need to work together and across party lines to ensure better services are provided for Trafford’s children.’’

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