Tommy Robinson gets jailed for contempt of court

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 19 weeks for contempt of court.

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Robinson who’s real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon arrived at the Old Bailey in London late to hear what time in jail he would get, with his many fans supporting him

The contempt of court happened when he started live streaming outside a Leeds court whilst several Asian men were standing trial, because of his actions the trial almost broke down.

If Robinson can keep his cool in prison he will be out faster than he thinks, more likely he could ask to be let out on licence at some point in his sentence.

Robinson is believed to have asked Donald Trump if he could seek asylum in his country to avoid being sent down saying that his life could be in danger if he goes to prison.

The former EDL leader tried to become an MEP, he did better than expected here in Trafford with over 800 votes however he failed to get enough votes anywhere and his efforts wasted.

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