Austrian Airlines flight lands at Manchester in full emergency scare

An Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna landed in full emergency mode at Manchester Airport today July 14th.


Austrain Airlines landed safely at Manchester: Image from Twiter

The captain of the aircraft declared an emergency over the South Yorkshire area and made its way to the south Cheshire area where it did a loop before coming into land at Manchester.

Looking at Flight Radar 24 the aircraft came in to land at a very low altitude, the aircraft was around 2000ft with miles to go before landing was made, once it got to mobberly the altitude was just over 200ft.

The aircraft an Embraer ERJ-195LR landed safely at 1.52pm with emergency services waiting for the stricken plane.

Passengers were not told anything about what was going on although one heard a member of the ground staff say “This aircraft is going nowhere anytime soon” which suggests some serious mechanical issue due to the emergency descent.

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