No funding for a mental health charity means more people will suffer in Trafford

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We have heard yet another mental health charity is to shut its doors next month we ask what is left in Trafford for people with a menal health issue?

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New Way Forward forced to close due to the lack of funding

Let’s take it back a few years, Trafford had a Mental Health Advocacy Service which was run from Park House in Sale,  for those that remember this service you will know how amazing it was, the staff were like friends always helping you no matter what your issues were.

This was lost due to funding cuts, the council would not pay to keep the service going and staff which included the now Brooklands councillor Rose Thompson were out of a job.

We asked several people who used that service what they thought and all were devastated, one individual questioned the council which was then run by the Tories.

Behind Park House was a place where people used to go as a drop in and it was always busy full of like-minded people, we are told it helped people with all types of mental health issues, this sadly had to be shut down also.

Park House which was based on Northernden Road in Sale was later bulldozed and in its place now is a rather nice housing development.

We have been told that another mental health charity called New Way Forward is to shut its doors in the next couple of weeks due to a lack of funding, this service had operational issues, and not many people attended drop-ins, however those that did tell us that although the room they all sat in was filthy and often had a horrid smell they still enjoyed the company.

Taking away New Way Forward which has its base at The Methodist Church on The Avenue in Sale would be a bad thing for those that attended since now where do these vulnerable people go?

Trafford is now left with only Blu Sci centres, there is one at the Broomwood in Timperley which is a little bit far away for people from the North of Trafford, Coppice Library in Sale is not a drop in so many people will be put off by this, Partington has a Blu Sci and so does Old Trafford which does have a drop in.

The Old Trafford Blu Sci has the best facilities, if all were like that and more centres opened up for local people then it would not be so bad, at this time it is really bad for those with mental health issues.

We all heard the Tories claim in a recent meeting at the council that Trafford Labour is paying their councillors more if true then they should put that bit of money back into a mental health charity like New Way Forward to make sure the most vulnerable in our society are not affected by funding cuts.

Since there is no Mental Health Advocacy service where people can just come to a drop in, we believe some mental health staff are starting to underperform, look at the facts at what we know already, support workers falling asleep, some support workers not supporting people in the right way, treating them like some diseased robot! social workers so stretched they have no energy yes, these things are happening!

The biggest problem we know about is the way mental health patients are having to see a new psychiatrist almost with every appointment, how will this ever help the patient? it takes time to get to know someone, to see what he or she is like, the normal response of the psychiatrist is to flog them often dangerous drugs with side effects that could shorten their lives!

We hear of psychologists leaving, at one time Trafford had only one psychologist! this is shameful.

The NHS is almost dead, these are the symptoms of a dying service no thanks to the worst Tory government in our lifetime.

We can blame them for sure for what is happening, we can though also point our finger at Trafford Council and those that have the power to make sure the most vulnerable in society are protected, something they are not doing and this includes our children.

Whilst we agree the Trafford Tories took everything away from our kids who now use our parks as youth centres which are causing local people problems, Trafford Labour also has a hand in getting things sorted out, we see nothing despite the efforts by a councillor or two, it is not good enough to be doing the blame game, it is better to get things sorted out and at this time it has been left to fester and that is not good enough.

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