Partington war memorial is to be relocated

Partington’s war memorial will be moved to the Green if plans are approved by Trafford Council.

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 10.34.33 PM

‘The Green’ is an ideal site to have this memorial for all to be able to remember our war dead and also would help to showcase the ‘stock’ which has been moved around Partington several times.

Partington Parish Council gave the  council a £117 application fee.

As part of the changes two new benches will be placed on the site and an ever green tree will be planted.

Relocating the war memorial will then mean work can get started on building  new flats once the old social club has been bulldozed.

The proposed war memorial is a free standing reinforced concrete structure symbolic of a WW1 trench wall.

It will measure 1025x2000mm and will be slightly angled.

Partington will be proud of this proposal and we expect it to be approved at a near future planning meeting.

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