Police UK website gives Partington a zero crime recording for July

Looking through the Police.uk website for the latest statistics from Trafford and found something unexpected.

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Zero crime in Partington: credit Police.UK

Partington had zero crimes recorded in the month of July, even Brooklands in Sale had only 1 crime recorded.

Was this a glitch or reality? since police hardly report things now and the situation is getting worse, it is hard for us to get information.

The police.uk website is currently having a make over and it could be because of that we have the obviously false readings to gauge what is going on in our borough.

Police have done the right thing with bringing reports to social media, it is most helpful when someone goes missing, although often the reports are cryptic, if you want to know about how cryptic police can get just read GMP Trafford North Facebook page.

To help out residents are given some good information from police on how to stay safe in and outside the home, and how to make sure your car is not stolen.

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Glitch or reality? : credit Police.UK

One thing they have never say is ‘who you let inside your home’ for example when Your Housing Group was Harvest they let a known gang member who robbed a house that contained children’s christmas presents on a Friday and was given a job on the Monday to go into people’s houses in the same area!

Lets though feel great for this moment as Partington is crime free for the month of July 2019.


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