People warned not to be walking on ‘live’ rail tracks in Timperley and Broadheath

Network Rail have warned people not to be walking on ‘live’ rail lines in both Timperely and Broadheath.

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In recent times we have seen engineers making the silver gates stronger on the bridge over Manchester Road in Broadheath.

Beyond them gates seen in the photos the rail line is classed as live and could be switched on at any time, anyone walking on them are taking a huge risk.

You are also subject to trespassing which many people will know could see you end up in serious trouble if caught.

On the other side of the bridge heading west towards Partington the line is still classed as live although we believe no electricity is passed through that zone.

We have asked Network Rail to fix the wooden fence below the Manchester Road bridge and other residents have also asked for it to be fixed, however nothing has been done, they are responsible for this and the safety of everyone mad enough to climb up to the top of the bridge.

A report has been made about the huge gap in the Eastern sided fence and it is hoped this will soon be fixed so no one can end up either being electrocuted or worse, if you continue past Skelton Junction more lines are added and we know one of these is in use.

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