Apple went camera crazy showcasing the new iPhone range at a special event held in California

Apple special event was held on Sept 10th in California and they showcased all the new gadgets on offer for 2019.

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A packed house watched on to see all the new gadgets, first up Tim Cook introduced the world to Apple Arcade, this is a subscription service which will cost around £5 a month to play games that Apple claim cannot be found anywhere else! you can share with the family.

Apple are giving a free 1 month trial of Apple Arcade, you can subscribe from the app store from September 19th.

Next up was Apple TV + which was all about content and you can subscribe to a new service from November 1st for around £5 a month and you can share this with the family, if you buy any iPhone in the new range or iPad you get a free 1-year subscription.

iPad was next on the menu, the new 7th Gen 10.2 inch retina display features a A10 fusion chip and its own OS called iPad OS where you can do lots of things with the tablet, Apple claim the tablet will be made from 100% recycled Aluminium, it has support for a keypad and pencil.

The new 5th generation Apple Watch was showcased, again with updated health apps, and a new ‘always on’ display, it now has a compass, an LTPO retina display, and a 1hz refresh rate and a low power driver powering everything giving the user 18-hours battery life.

Apple Watch ‘cellular’ has a new emergency services button where if pressed for a couple of seconds it calls emergency services so 999 in the UK, the new series 5 comes in 100% recycled aluminium and has many colour cases, new for series 5 is a titanium case.

It will cost around £400 for GPS models and £500  for cellular.

And last was the iPhones, this is what people wanted to see, many already knew what was about to be showcased, first up was the iPhone 11 which is the cheapest model it has 2 cameras at the back.

For the first time Apple have included Dolby Atmos and spacial surround sound for videos and music, this has the thumbs up from us! the phone itself is a proper change from what we have all been used to in the past with slight changes.

The iPhone 11 will come in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, it has a 6,1″ liquid retina display

It will be one of the brightest phones on the market with 625 nits, it is also rated IP68 dust and water resistent.

This new iPhone will have a brand new and much more advanced A13 Bionic chip which Apple claim is the most advanced chipset on the market.

It is though the camera that Apple have improved on this device, it’s impressive super wide angle shots is great to look at, both lenses are 12 mega pixel so no changes to all the others, the wide camera has OIS.

For those who want to do some video, the amount of things you can do with this device is amazing, so long we would need another website to add on all the information!

You can view all the specs then on the iPhone 11 by clicking this Apple Link

If that was enough Tim Cook head of Apple had one more trick up his sleeve, and introduced the iPhone 11 pro.

The iPhone 11 pro is something else, again focusing on the camera and video it has 3 cameras, the first time ever on an iPhone.

You can find out all about the iPhone 11 Pro by clicking this LINK

One thing we noticed was no mention of the new iOS 13 this will be available from 19th September and will feature a new dark mode and hopefully some new features to older iPhone handsets.


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