OP-Yellow Hammer: UK Gov expects food and fuel shortages in a ‘no deal’ Brexit situation

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn consistently asked PM Boris Johnson to release the Yellow Hammer documents to the public.

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Boris Johnson stuck on a zipwire

Today we have these documents which clearly states that in a no deal brexit they expect:

  • A shortage of ‘Certain’ foods
  • A shortage of medcines
  • A shortage of fuel
  • Electricity price rises (get yourself on a fixed deal now!)
  • A rise in public disorder
  • Food prices will rise which will affect the most vulnerable

You can view the entire 5 page document by clicking this LINK

Boris Johnson needs to make sure that we get a deal or if he cannot get another delay, this would then satisfy Labour and a General Election would take place sometime in November.

This document cannot be ignored by people like Nigel Farage who claims that nothing will happen if we leave without a deal or similar things, the words ‘Scare tactics” has also been used by Farage.

Johnson and his Tories (if there is any left) has had yet another blow when a Scottish Judge said he cannot suspend Parliament, the Tories suspended Parliament for 5-weeks which the opposition did not like, it is thought the Tories have decided to appeal against the decision.

The UK needs to do the right thing, leave with a deal or tell the EU we are staying, the issues for some people is that if we stay in Europe we will continue to be a puppet for EU dictators, that is understandable, no one wants to be controlled.

The facts are we have been controlled for many years, so it does make sense to leave, we can then look at our out dated laws, make loads of changes to everything even to fishing! the issue is the delays to some foods and medcines, and that the Tories are in such a mess and full of utter BS no one trusts them.

This is why Labour has decided not to go with a General Election until after Boris Johnson either gets a deal or gets a delay to Brexit untll possibly Jan 2020.

It is incredibly messy, so many arguments and meetings, nothing solved, nothing done, lots of lies and the EU and the rest of the world laughing at us, our politicians have failed the people of the UK, they though have teh ability to get back some trust if they just did the right thing.

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