Urmston to get 5G after a mast and 12 antennas was approved by Trafford Council

Urmston will now get a 5G mast and 12 antennas after Trafford Council planners approved it with conditions.

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Higher Road Urmston: Credit Google Maps

The mast on Higher Road will replace an existing mast, with additional cabinets and 12 antennas, the height of the mast will also increase.

5G once its properly rolled out will cause problems like we have never seen before, the networks have conned the councillors, maybe even offered them all incentives to keep quiet which they have all done!

We contacted a Urmston councillor about residents concerns, Councillor Harding did not respond!

Having done a Freedom of Information request a while ago Trafford told us that they had no intentions of having any masts or antennas on lampposts or other street furniture.

Let’s look at 5G again, what are we so concerned about? it’s not so much the radiation issues, the problems come with the power of the antennas and small masts that will be fitted to lampposts etc, these things as it says on the ‘OFCOM’website can emit serious power something the councillors needed to check and they did nothing! had they done this they all would have refused 5G anywhere in Trafford.

300GHz at it’s maximum is no laughing matter, having the signal focused and follow you around (Beamforming), and this signal will go through a human, so what about if someone is pregnant? what about our animals, and the wildlife? we are already aware of hundreds of birds who died after a 5G mast was installed in a park, we know about cows dropping dead in fields where a 5G mast was installed.

Insurance companies run away when any mention of 5G comes about, some countries have suspended any 5G rollout until proven safe.

Had the networks came clean about the safety issue in the first place this article would be about how fantastic 5G will be, the speed benefits and so on, yet they could not because the only testing that has been done is on the public, with the results unknown.

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