Your Housing Group 2018/19 customer annual report revealed and what they are not telling you

Your Housing Group who has hundreds of properties to rent in the Partington area has given its customers its 2018/19 annual report.


Gilmour House Partington

In the document it starts off by claiming ‘We pride ourselves on doing the right things. for the right reasons, this is what drives us as a business and inspires us as people’ what they mean is ‘We pride ourselves as doing nothing right, and drives our staff out of the door’

Many ex staff members have publicly stated that they were fed up with things at board level, some saying they do not know what is going on in our communities.

In the year 2018/19 they let out 2,266 homes, they claim a 35 days to re-let a property £1.23m reduced void loss, and what looks like 1,550 new digital lettings sign ups.

The report has a big section on the chair of YHG Kathy Doran her first year with the housing provider she went on to say the housing group spent £7m on installing new bathrooms, kitchens and boilers and went on to claim in the next 5-years the group will spend £80m on improvements.

Your Housing Group plan to build over 2,300 new affordable homes 86 of which we already know about on where the Redbrook Pub used to be.

Finances are sound for the housing group with an annual turnover of £148.7m.

The biggest issue with the housing group is with Anti Social Behavouir which they claim in the report that they have a zero tollerance to asb and will use its powers to evict people.

Incredibly they say 1572 cases of ASB was resolved.

Whilst we cannot challenge the dodgy numbers given, we can say they have an appauling record for dealing with anti social behaviour, even when YHG is mentioned to police they gasp!

The housing group claim they have done 107 Cyclicle Legionella risk assesments, 1.142 electrical inspections, 696 Cyclical Asbestos re-inspections, 583 Cyclical fire risk assesments and 19,298 Cyclical gas safety checks.

Getting through to anyone at the housing is done mostly through ‘Your Resonse’ which can be hit or miss however most of the time the staff find a way of helping you unless of course it is for anti social behaviour when all they can do is write down on the systems what issues you are going through, they do not have any knowledge of anti social behaviour and cannot help you! that part of the service is also shut from 5pm onwards which is incredibly irresponsible.

The housing group shut down its Partington Gilmour House which many people did not want or like, before it closed down we tested the theory that no one was listening to converstations in the interview rooms and we found a bug in the computers as it started making a odd noise! now you know why no one ever used them computers and now you know what they were for.

The housing group have lost a lot of staff many either fed up or made redundent, having property agents instead of housing officers that cover a massive area is not great not only for the customer but for the property agent who will have to deal with all types of issues.

Fix360 who now has long moved into Gilmour House in Partington has worked out for YHG since it is there own company and do not have to pay as much saving more money.

The housing group also has some very unhappy people in Sale where the last property agent went around the close the first time we believe in 5-years to see what needs doing! we found out nearlly everyone was taken in by this and settled any differences they had with the housing group! with a couple of people from the housing estate telling us that they did not join in because it was simply ‘Taking the piss’

In part the housing group in other areas have done well, with it’s Trafford homes though they have much to do.




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