Partington Councillor seen representing her ward was a delight to see

Partington councillor represents her ward which was a delight to see despite some omissions.

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Partington councillor Adele New speaking at Trafford Council Meeting

The meeting took place on October 9th which was at times very selfish with the supposed scandal of expenses taking up much of the debate.

Her speech about bus services made perfect sense and fairly accurate, although she failed to mention why there are issues with the buses to Carrington and Partington, the 252 was stopped due to unruly youths and young adults causing chaos for the service, it was also stopped due to a lack of bums on seats which made the service un-profitable for stagecoach, she failed to mention the buses to Sale that are currently in operation and the number 5 which serves Partington to Altrincham via Warrington.

Adele failed to mention it was News4Trafford tand help from residents that got TFGM to change its mind about Local Link after the service lost a bus meaning everyone was impacted, we also contacted Andy Burnham about what was going on, soon after the service was back to normal although we can agree it still has issues with communications from the call centre to the driver.

We noted nothing was said about cycling infrastructure which is badly needed just about everywhere in Trafford (apart from Stretford) since we have the statistics that many Partington residents are sadly not of good health what Councillor New would have been best focusing on is getting them healthy again, cycling and walking are two ways of getting this sorted out, both activities increase the good feeling chemicals in the brain and people will want more helping to achieve not only fitter people but happier people.

It is also a good point that not only would cycling and walking more get people fitter and happier but also has a good side effect and that is less pollution in the air which currently Partington has issues with, most of it is from industry although car usage is on the rise and in the next couple of years this will increase in a big way, has Councillor New also forgot that we are in a climate emergency? more needs to be done!

It was though with great pleasure Councillor New actually said something, and was clear for 98% of the time which listening to other councillors in the chamber tonight we could have needed Google Translate it was that bad, so well done to her and we hope she will be brave again as it was a delight to see her standing up and actually representing those that voted her in.



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