Friends of Oak Road Park Group in Partington could be punished by the Parish Council over expensive Christmas lights.

Partington Parish Council has asked questions as to why the Friends of Oak Road Park Group started a crowdfunding campaign for Christmas Lights.


Partington Parish Council HQ: Image by Darren Marsden

At a recent meeting with parish councillors, a member with the initials (TC) mentioned that the Oak Road park group was wrong to finance new Christmas lights for the shopping centre through a crowdfunding campaign.

So far the group has raised £185 and need £6000 for the lights and the funding stream is still open when this article was published.

A member of the Parish Council named only as (TR) said: “What is the PC doing for Christmas and why are Friends of Oak Road Crowdfunding for Christmas lights, it was agreed that this is not in the remit of a friends group and it was requested that the chair brings this up with councillor James Wright asap.”

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Oak Road Park Partington: Credit Google

It is not currently known if the Friends of Oak Road Park group had asked the owners of the shopping centre if it was ok to add lights to there property, we have since asked Peel if they did and what they think of the scheme and if possible see what they can do to facilitate getting the lights that people in Partington and visitors will agree are needed at Christmas.

The Friends of Oak Road Park started with a big clean up of the park which took some time, the amount of rubbish was off the scale, they all did an amazing job for that park, the children’s area was in bad need of some TLC and after a while THT and Trafford Council managed to sort this out.

Peel is to add an orbital cycling trail around Partington and part of it will go around the back of the park.

On the Crowdfunding page the group has added:

This fundraiser is for hire and installation of Christmas lighting for Partington shopping Centre. The cost is greater this first year due to the works that need to be done to lamp post columns to enable the addition of lighting and timers.
We are raising funds per lamp post and the cost is approx £400 per column, £250.00 plus Vat of that is for the conversion required. We would like lighting at 10 posts. In subsequent years we will be able to get more for our money as this work will have been done.

Additional funding is for the hire, installation and dismantles of safety LED lighting and Transformer for our new Christmas tree and the conversion work of £250 plus VAT.

Lighting is expensive and must be carried out by Trafford Approved Electricians to their specifications so this cannot be done at a cut-price. If you would like to support us. Every penny raised will go toward the lighting for Partington Shopping Centre.
Christmas lights are incredibly expensive and although we have had issues with the park groups murky finances in the past we expect the figures shown to be about right.

Our View:
We hope that the issue of Partington not having proper Christmas lights is addressed as soon as possible and in that way, we are with the park group for actually doing something in the first place despite the obvious errors, so well done to them.


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