Trafford’s schools now under a 5G blanket and more places to come

The mobile networks have been working hard to get the 5G roll out in more areas of Trafford and that includes schools.

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Upgraded mast in Timperley: Image by Darren Marsden

BT mobile which is a virtual network and now owns EE has embraced 5G and has a much better coverage map than the confusing EE map and so we checked it and found the signal had increased in a very big way.

All of Trafford Park and Old Trafford has full 5G coverage, Whalley Range and Chorlton also.

Here then is the list of schools that have full 5G in Trafford so far:

  • Seymour Park Primary School – Old Trafford
  • St Alphonsus RC Primary – Old Trafford
  • Kings Road Primary – Old Trafford
  • St Hildas Primary – Firswood
  • St John Vianny RC school – Firswood
  • St Theresa RC Primary – Firswood
  • Stretford High School
  • Gorse Hill Primary School
  • Moss Park Infant School Stretford
  • Worthington Park Primary in Sale ( playground )

We have also included a list of parks and other locations of interest:

  • Seymour Park and Hullard Park in Old Trafford and all other green spaces
  • Longford Park
  • Turn Moss
  • Worthington Park
  • 99% of Moor Nook Park
  • Manchester United FC
  • Trafford Council Talbot Road HQ
  • Talbot Road side of Emirates Old Trafford stadium
  • North Trafford College
  • Stretford Sports Centre
  • All allotment areas in Stretford
  • 95% of Sale Water Park
  • Priory Gardens in Sale
  • Most of Crossford Bridge playing fields and half of the western side of the running track, the enclosed football pitch is not 5G covered.

Vodafone looks to have every part of Old Trafford and Trafford Park covered, including Manchester United and the cricket club.

Both networks including of course EE do not have any coverage at the Trafford Centre although we can see that Vodafone has some plans to cover the huge shopping centre.

The Three network will also have 5G coverage, we are currently waiting for coverage information.

Mobile networks and indeed the government have been unable to tell everyone in the UK that this technology is safe, only giving presumption from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.

The council will nake a fortune out of this, not ever thinking about the safety of the people, and the councillors hiding away raises further suspicion of huge incentives from the networks to keep dummed down.

5G will not work with trees and shrubs, the networks will have done there homework and mapped out where their masts will go with help from the council.

If that was not concerning, the government have said the networks can use the Emergency Services frequency which uses a thing called Airwave, a frequency so low its near brainwave frequency! even worse it pulses.

Once we see antennas and masts everywhere on our roads which will take some time, this is when we will see illnesses! and could be used at football stadiums and other events where a mass of people are likely to be to test crowd control since these antennas and masts will now be using MM waves which is microwave technology used on the battlefields in war!

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