ICNIRP and others are not telling the truth about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation

We have done many articles on why 5G has not only ‘Not’ been tested but now have a full report from the US about the dangers.


The report by Martin L Pall a PHD and professor of biochemistry and basic medical science was sent to many authorities of the EU including the UK in response to two documents written by Mr Ryan and Dr Vinci in 2018 responding to leading European scientists about the dangers of 5G.

Down the list of the long and shocking report one thing stuck out the most for us that should be taken seriously:

“My prediction is that even if exposure levels of where they are now, we will start seeing crashes in reproduction with about 5-years if we go ahead with 5G, that crash may be almost instantaneous.”

We face four existential threats made by microwave frequency EMF exposures to the survival of every human and animal on earth they are:

  • Cumulative and irreversible neurological/neuropsychiatric effects
  • Cumulative and irreversible reproductive effects
  • Cumulative and irreversible cardiac effects and sudden death
  • DNA effects in the germline, including sperm cells, leading to major impacts on our gene pool and high mutation frequencies

Any of these things can destroy us on its own and with ever-increasing exposures and especially with the 5G rollout will produce, the destruction is likely to be imminent.

These do not take into consideration the cancer effects, the hormonal effects or other effects produced by oxidative stress or increased apoptotic cell death.

The report goes on to talk about EMF exposures in children and it clearly says there is a link between mobile phone and other radiations they are exposed to and autism, with the skull being thinner radiation can cause cancer.

It goes on to say what we have been saying all this time that 5G and indeed WiFi signals cause serious problems for pregnant women.

The problems are that the ICNIRP and others only offer guidance to a short term exposure! even from a mobile device, when a mast is put up this is not a short term exposure, when we buy a mobile phone we do not use it in the short term, we do not keep the device 5cm from our face, or our body! 

The WHO (World Health Org) and PHE (Public Health England) offer the same explanations as normal  hoping people will buy it, when you look at our report and the full report below from scientists and professors from around the world you will see not only is WiFi and other EMFs not good for any of us or animals but the 5G rollout will harm us in a greater way than any of us can expect.

We have been the test dummies all along, no one can produce safety testing because it simply is unsafe, as we speak 5G is widespread in the north of Trafford at a lower level although bad, it is when the antennas are fitted to every lampost and other infrastructure we will start seeing issues.

Beamforming is bad! its a signal that follows you around no matter where you are, like a minister said “3G and 4G bounced around us, 5G will go through us.” and that is something that we all need to take on board with some seriousness, whilst some will brush this under the carpet, even they will be now more worried than ever including the dumbed-down councillors that let it all happen in the first place, deliberately in our opinion not speaking out about it with maybe incentives and lots of much-needed money for the council too much to refuse ahead of the residents health, hoping for the best! 

Read the full report below, half way through you will see some credits keep rolling down until you see more text, it is a very long PDF but worth while reading!


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