Flybe’s days in the air are over with the loss of over 2000 jobs

The flying is over after crisis talks to keep Flybe in the air failed meaning thousands of jobs in Manchester could be lost.

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The website is no longer live and no information is given at this time to passengers looking for information on flights planned or for passengers abroad who many will not get a refund.

It seems Coronavirus hit the airline with more than just turbulence however the losses this airline had even after the owners pumping in millions of pounds was too much and it ran out of money.

Passengers will have to find another way home as many of the flights are not protected by ATOL due to the company not offering package holidays, although we read that some people can claim a refund from the credit card company in some instances.

Flybe was one of the most important domestic airlines in the UK and this latest company to fly into the ground will hit UK passengers hard, Flybe did seek help from the government to prop it up with a few moan and groans from rival operator RyanAir.

Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Air bought Flybe and gave it an additional £30m to keep it going, it was enough for a time to help keep it going, however it was not enough.

We hope to be able to offer more information for Manchester passengers shortly.

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