Only five trees are now standing on Heath Farm Lane in Partington

Many more trees have been felled on the former LNG site on Heath Farm Lane in Partington as the site will soon become a new housing development.

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Heath Farm Lane Partington: Image Darren Marsden

The scene now looks very different to the one we visited only a week ago, when we saw many trees turned into mounds of chippings.

We are concerned because Trafford Council declared a climate emergency at the back end of 2018, it has since done very little to combat climate change and also to clean up our dirty air, although the felling of all these trees is for the new housing development we wanted them to know of the devastation caused.

XR Trafford are now also aware of what is going on and it is hoped they may have plans to target these developments, for Heath Farm Lane though and Broadway it is now way too late, the other site though behind Lock Lane still has many healthy trees standing so now is the time to check it out, if XR Trafford are linking up with us or alone  we will update you all.

it was a sickening scene though in Partington, looking out towards Carrington and only a few trees standing, it looked like someone just mowed it all down, it is now flat, the wildlife will have been scared off by all of this, many would now have to find a new home, some could even look for salvage in gardens of existing homes on Broadway!

Whilst in the application it says the wildlife will move on and will not be impacted, if they came down today they will have had different views!

We will be doing videos on a weekly basis on N4TX YouTube channel at Heath Farm Lane, it is planned to be on the site of Peel’s housing development site on next to Manchester Ship Canal although access might be more tricky.

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