5G Fibre pole and antennas to go up on a road around Sainsbury’s on Washway Road in Sale

IX Wireless Ltd have submitted an application to install a mast and antennas on a road next to Sainsbury’s Local in Sale.

The dangerous technology will be installed at the side of the convenience store on Belgrave Road very close to the A56 Washway Road in Sale.

This is more than 5G they are installing, it is going to deliver faster internet access into homes with speeds that will blow away BT and Virgin Media, the downside is the antennas and small boxes which will be no more than 15m high will be beaming the millimetre wave into peoples homes, and into peoples pockets or where a mobile phone is even if you do not have a 5G capable handset.

It seems this will work alongside any mobile phone operators masts, the mast is a Symmetrical Horn Antenna model SH-TP 5-30 and has a frequency range of 5180-6400 MHz which means it will be slightly higher than a normal mobile phone mast hitting 6.4 GHz so in comparison a 4G mast is around 2.6 GHz.

The small box type masts though are the millimetre wave type and that is where the power ramps up to dangerous levels and why we have been saying for a while that it is not safe to be beaming this into people and every living thing.

The more these MMwave boxes and antennas appear the more dangerous it will become, no one is saying you will die from it, this is not conspiracy we do not deal with such nonsense, facts is a better broadcast and let us tell you these masts are not good for anything living!


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