Car collides into the front of a Sainsbury’s store in Sale

A car has collided with a post outside a Sainsbury’s store in Sale.

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The incident happened outside the Curzon Road store during the morning today 10 March at around 10.30am when a car went through the barriers and into a post.

Huge damage was done to the front of the car so whoever was driving at the time must have been going some speed.

We are currently awaiting a full report on the incident and will update this article when we have it to hand.

People we spoke with at the scene could not believe how the car ended up like that and other say that the crash barriers should have stopped the car in the first place.

Ambulances was seen leaving in full emergency mode so it is likely injuries have occurred as a result of this collision.

No roads have been shut and despite what has happened it is business as usual at the store.

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