Several 5G masts to be installed on the Essoldo building in Stretford

Several 5G masts are to be installed on top of the Essoldo building on Chester Road in Stretford.

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The proposal is that existing Vodafone/O2 masts will be replaced in what they are calling ‘An upgrade’

On the roof and to the sides will be Huawei 14 port 5G transmitters and three 5G fibre antennas, the power of these antennas and masts all working together will mean people living close to the Essoldo will have a significant increase in electro magnetic radiation.

ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) have guidelines now lets look in depth why these guidelines are not only out of date but very dangerous.

ICNIRP in documents read spoke about pregnant women “Only a limited amount of studies have been carried out on reproductive effects and cancer risk in individuals exposed to microwave radiation” the majority of individuals exposed to microwave radiation had miscarriage or deformed off spring.

In another part of the ICNIRP guidelines document read “At frequencies from 10 MHz to 300 GHz heating is the major effect of absorption of electromagnetic energy and temperature rises of more than 1-2c can have adverse health effects such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke”

The guidelines by ICNIRP because they are fairly old now show the truth of what was before them before putting pen to paper, 5G was not even thought about! so what does all this mean?

5G is microwave radiation at a higher level that we have ever had before, it is simply too dangerous to be testing this thing out on humanity and to our animals, mobile phone networks will only pick out what is good for them from ICNIRP guidelines not the things that matter to humanity and its animals.

We suggest ICNIRP introduces a more up to date set of guidelines which if ever it was done would ban 5G and 5G fibre in an instant.

You can read the full ICNIRP guidelines: http://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/publications/ICNIRPemfgdl.pdf

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