Coronavirus scammers on the prowl do not fall for it!

Trafford Trading Standards issue an alert to members of the public about the Coronavirus scam.

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From the lab: Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus spreading around the world scammers have been on the prowl trying to scare people into clicking on links in emails or opening malicious attachments and to give out confidential information.

Scammers will use different tactics to get your information and of course to drain your bank account, it could come through emails, mobile phone texts and even cold calls.

Look for these topics used by scammers:

  • How to check an updated Coronavirus map in your city
  • Coronavirus infection warning from your local school district
  • Emails or social media that appears to be from the WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Keeping your children safe from Coronavirus
  • Scam phone calls to raise money for victims or to find a cure






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