Manchester Marathon called off due to Coronavirus

This years Manchester Marathon has been called of due to the Coronavirus.


Zoom shot: Image by Darren Marsden

Organisers left it until today and followed the London Marathon and postponed it, they have not yet set a time for when the Manchester Marathon will be run however they are saying it is likely to be in the autumn.

A further update will be provided on 18 March where it is hoped a date can be given for runners who wish to compete in the Autumn, it is likely also to offer similar things as organisers have done with the London Marathon.

The difference though is that you can still run the marathon here in Manchester they are hoping to be able to have you run remotely and that way you can earn your badge and t-shirt, you could run in a group or with a friend.

You can find out more about the postponement: https://www.manchestermarathon.co.uk/covid-19-update/

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