Eight weeks on and One Trafford have still not removed a huge fly tip in one part of Trafford

We have been counting the weeks and every Sunday the fly tip on Woodcote Road is still festering away.


It has been reported to One Trafford several times by residents and twice by News4Trafford, it is now one of the biggest fly tips we have ever seen and it just gets bigger ever week, One Trafford really need to pull the plug out and clear this mess.

Woodcote Road is just of SInderland Lane, it is on the boundary of Dunham and Trafford, the fly tip is to the right coming from Sinderland Lane just before the railway bridge, just beyond the bridge and to the right is a public tip! only minutes away.

More full bags of rubbish has been seen, and some nylon type covering, oddly what looks like a crucifix is seen in a bucket, the same crucifix that was found on the opposite side one week we went down but is now back in a white bucket!

It is not safe to go down and look for evidence of who is dumping this rubbish this after all is for the authority to do, either way though unless One Trafford does something the mess will just grow, helping to bring in vermin and with houses only about a mile away things could get bad for residents.

We have checked who owns the land however no information is available at this time although we know it is not Trafford land, whoever owns it needs to add strong and high fencing so no more people can come in the cover of darkness and dump piles of rubbish.



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