Police officer attacked by a teenager in Altrincham

A Trafford police officer was knocked to the ground badly assaulted whilst dealing with a gang of teenagers in Altrincham.

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Altrincham Interchange: Google

The incident happened on 14 March 2020.

Most of the teenagers are aged between 14 and 17-years old had been hanging around Altrincham interchange and causing problems, police say that many of these people come from all over Trafford often using the Metrolink system.

Police believe once they are all together end up robbing stuff from supermarkets and convenience stores, smoking cannabis and even fighting each other!

The teenager who assaulted the officer is currently being looked at through the many CCTV cameras around the place including shop cameras, anyone who has dashcam footage or mobile phone footage is asked to send it in to police as it could help find whoever assaulted the police officer, send to traffordsouth@gmp.police.uk

Police are also going to schools to search for the offender and have said that once found expect to be prosecuted and have civil injunctions on them, assaulting an officer is indeed a disgrace when all they are trying to do is make sure everyone is not only behaving in the right way but are safe.


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