Danish police could use force to make sure residents comply with a new Coronavirus law

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Danish government has passed new laws that may see Denmark have no shops or supermarkets open and new powers for authorities and police.

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Danish politicians voting for the new law: Image DR

The new laws are a year long and called a ‘Sunset clause’ and will end on 1 March 2021 although all politicians have said “We will look at the laws again in November this year”

It was approved at a recent meeting that all shops and supermarkets could be closed down, authorities will be able to force quarantining people if it is suspected the have the flu type Coronavirus bug, Police will also be able to use force to make sure the new laws are upheld.

Larger gatherings are also to be reduced to 100 people from Tomorrow in Denmark.

We are very concerned at these new laws more so where police are concerned, with this new power where they can use force to make sure someone is in isolation is way beyond what police should be doing, we are not sure exactly what they mean by force so it could be simply arresting someone or using other unacceptable means.

The Danish government must go back to the drawing board on this one, and expect the Danish people will soon react to these temporary new laws, it is not known how people are supposed to get food and other supplies although it is likely online retailers will be used.

Here in the UK although Boris Johnson has been slated for his poor handling of the biggest crisis to hit us in a long time! he though at least has the interests of the people of the UK and business at heart, to keep things moving as normal as possible is now looking like a great idea (For the time being)

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said: “The new laws are necessary because it is a very unusual situation.

And then it is also about that we now have some things in the drawer, if the virus develops and the epidemic develops into the worst possible scenario, so we will be able to intervene quickly and do some of the things that in some places in the world has been too slow to do,”

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