2019/20 football season will resume at the end of next month

In a conference call meeting today 19 March 2020 football bosses and teams got together and made plans for football to resume.

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Every football team voted for resuming the season which will delight all fans from every league including woman’s football.

Liverpool fans will now see the club lift the Premier League title although Manchester City fans will no doubt hang on to that very thin bit of hair they have hoping for a slip up, they though will have to win every game and the way they was playing before the suspension does not offer much hope.

The idea is for football to be brought back on April 30 and will have to finish by June 1.


Paul Pogba: Instagram

In other news rumours are circulating that Manchester United player Paul Pogba is to leave the club, this got further attention after he was seen on Instagram wearing a Juventus shirt.


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