Some way to go yet! but we have positive news about Coronavirus

We are currently in a crisis, we all know that by now! however we have always tried to reduce the panic and understand what fear does to people.

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From the lab: Coronavirus

It is with some pleasure that we can reveal China is now almost free from the virus after a month! not a year! and Italy is showing a slowing of infections although things in that country are still horrific, the reason is because Italy has the most elderly people and sadly it is many of them who have died and many had health issues.

The US president Donald Trump announced they are moving faster than ever to get a vaccine made for the world although stopped short as to when it will be released, it is also great that no blocks will be put on this vaccine as would be normal circumstances.

We read that India has treated everyone and no one has died!

The news everyone wanted has come from an under pressure Prime Minister, Boris Johnson clearly saying it will be within 12 weeks when the white flag is raised and everyone will be safe to continue on with things again.

We have to share any positive news since fear and being scared whilst completely understandable is not good for our minds and more importantly at this time our immune system when we should all be looking to boost this.

Whilst doing everything the government has told you to do which is incredibly important such as washing hands for 20 seconds and keep away from large crowds or gatherings to stay at home if you have a high temperature or have a regular cough,  if you have no symptoms it is important for you to carry on with things as normal as possible, even British Cycling offered a similar message today for people to get out on a bike, go for a walk, a run just keep everything as normal in your life as possible, the less stress and the more positive energy you have the better you will get through this.

To this date Trafford has only 12 cases! equal that the the number of people that live in this borough and whilst still not good is not as bad as elsewhere So! lets keep in mind how low of a risk this bug is here in Trafford and to keep the level down just keep doing what the government has asked.

We do see a few issues in shops and sometimes elsewhere with social distancing, it would be much better for everyone if they could just keep a gap from everyone, we would ask takeaways to get rid of the masks and focus on a thorough cleaning of your establishment helping customers with hand sanitiser or anti-bacterial wipes.

Coppice Fish Bar in Sale have in our opinion gone to far with things and have the wrong information totally! we cannot stop them from having surgical masks on however we saw no sanitiser for customers, and so far as we know they have not cleaned the surfaces more so the door handle.

This chippy has also told us they are to shut down for a month from next week due to costs of delivery which the owner says has risen by 30%!

It is good news though for the chippy as they have just increased the food hygiene rating from a 2 to a 3 which will please customers.


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