Do you need some time out? stressed? anxiety? had enough of Coronavirus bug?

We have a very special visualisation technique that everyone can do.


close up photo of a bed of white flowers

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

The stress of life now has gone through the roof, with the Coronavirus bug which is killing many people which is causing some understandable worries  this is causing further problems.

Press the play button at the bottom of the strip.

We have found the answer and with this everyone can do it, listen to the podcast for more, below we have done a simple step by step guide to what you should do:

  • Find a quiet place, no distractions, turn mobiles off, take a drink before starting.
  • Take 4 deep breaths get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and see a small field and a blue sky, now create your garden, any garden! one you want.
  • Add trees, bushes, ponds, small bridges, flowers, anything! but no animals, no humans, no aircraft, no nothing because this is your garden and no one is allowed in it! not even your loved ones….this is your space only.
  • Once you are happy with your garden, create a path and walk down it, to a bit of grass somewhere, get a spade and dig as deep as you want a hole, once you are happy you find a pad close by, pick it up with the pen and write down your problems one by one.
  • Every sheet of paper is only one problem, it must only have that one problem, once you have wrote down the problem either roll it into a ball or fold it several times and throw it in the hole.
  • Once you have all your problems in that hole, get the spade and bury them making sure once done you put back the spade and pad.
  • Walk back down the path and turn around and say “This is my garden, no one is allowed here only me, it is mine to come to when I need to get away for a bit, a place to feel happy and secure in, where no one is allowed only me”

You could vary what you say at the end, the more you do this and continue to create your garden the better it will be.

Remember this is your get away space, a place where you can feel safe and comfortable, a place where you can bury all your problems.

If you think you cannot visualise, try this: what colour is your front door? what colour is your car or bike? what colour is your cat or dog? how did you come up with the answer?

You see you can visualise!

Enjoy the experience!

Remember only do this when it is safe to do so, do not have anything cooking, if you are expecting a parcel or a visitor you cannot do this visualisation, you have to be safe and no distractions for it to work.

Do not worry about time.

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