Keep your distance in Parks and do not gather to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Parks are real important to our communities for many reasons however you are at this time asked to pay attention to Government advice.


We all know about this super bug called Coronavirus COVID-19, yesterday 22 March it was like nothing had happened in Walton Park in Sale, the park was full of people and kids playing and crucially no distancing could be seen.

Other parks  we understand has a similar problem in Trafford.

This is a pandemic, it will kill many more people in the days and weeks to come, the only way to stop this is to do the following:

  • Stand back from people do not get too close
  • If someone is sneezing or coughing turn around and walk away more so if that individual is not covering up
  • Keep out of any gathering, the more people are together the better the chances of you catching this virus
  • Do not touch your face at all! when you have washed your hands then you can do so, repeat this on a daily basis or wear gloves, even when wearing gloves try not to shake someones hands or touch anyone!
  • If wearing gloves remember to take them off from the top and wash them, if you are wearing the disposable type then throw them in the bin as soon as you can.
  • Try not touching surfaces! bugs can stay on a surface for up to 14 days!

Getting out and about is fine, no one from the government is saying not to do this, what they are saying is do not gather! how hard is that?

Just keep your distance, it sounds anti-social but this is the only way to stop the spread of the virus.

Do your bit and help your community, we know many are and they are the stars in all of this, some though are not! including our young people.

Although sadly this virus seems to be attacking older people, and those with weakened immune systems, this does not mean you cannot catch it!

You see to make this clear, on Friday 20 March 2020 in Walton park one of our key sources told us of a gathering of between 60 and 70 teenagers, they were not causing any trouble and they had the right to be in the park, however one of them or maybe more could have the virus and would not know it.

So they go around in this huge group, everyone now has the virus! they still do not know anything, they feel fine, no real problems until they come into contact with older people or unwell people, they then without realising it they pass it on, it could be a gran or gran dad, even a parent!

They might think they are safe, no symptoms just yet! hopefully that is the case however if they have got the virus wait a while and they will start showing symptoms! they will have to self isolate, that mean you will have to self isolate!

Just because your a super fit kid does not mean this virus is not for you, it really is and you could be infecting your entire community and ultimately killing some of them just because you thought Coronavirus wont affect me!

Stop gathering immediately! no one is saying you cannot go out, just do not gather, go for a walk a run or whatever, explain to your mate how dangerous this bug is.

We want everyone in the community here in Trafford to be safe, this means everyone is involved and everyone can help each other, we know Trafford has had a couple more cases of Coronavirus however fortunately its not as high here than other places, this is because Trafford people are doing everything the can and more to support one another.

It is our parks that need some attention, please follow the advice.

What we are saying here is everyone is in this fight, and everyone must do what they can to stop the spread, no one is at fault, no one can be blamed but the one thing we can do is fight back by listening to government advice and do this right now!

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