Exclusive Pictures: One of the best sunsets seen in Manchester for years

Despite all that is going on in the world many people saw one of the best sunsets ever seen in Manchester.


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We have exclusive pictures from Dunham Massey to show everyone, and to confirm everything continues and everything will be alright.

Mothers Day 2020 was a great day with the weather, it was feeling warmer of late and the wind was perfect, lots of cyclists enjoying the sunshine and traffic free roads! even the dangerous Sinderland Lane was safer!

The sun did not go in and shined some happiness all over Manchester, it really was a great day to get out and about, of course doing everything the government have told you to do due the Coronavirus still roaming around like a silent assassin we all have to be on our guard and fighting back is simple, wash your hands, do not touch the face and no shaking hands or hugs, actually you are better not to have contact with anyone at this time.

If you have any pictures to share of the sunset or video please send them into us with your name and location of the footage.

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