Trafford’s parks remain open but playgrounds are to close say Council

Trafford Council leader Andrew Western this morning tweeted that all parks in the borough could be closed due to large gatherings that has been seen.

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The council has now issued a statement saying that no park will close but playgrounds will do, although if gatherings continue the possibility of parks closing is still on the cards.

Shutting down parks though would be against what Boris Johnson has said so far, and shutting down the Bridgewater tow path would be unpopular.

Dog walkers all over the borough would complain if parks were closed so the council would find it very hard to close them even if they wanted to.

How they are to close playgrounds though is another issue, we expect tape to go around many and this will no doubt be teared down, some playgrounds though can be locked up, we expect the Partington Cross Lane Park football and basketball court to be locked up at some point today.

Many would argue locking up playgrounds would only mean more gatherings elsewhere in the park as people look for what else is left to do.

For the council to completely shut down a park would need policing, and with police stretched we cannot see this working very well, some parks have many entrances so closing them is doomed to failure.

Lets be clear though many Trafford residents are taking the advice and are keeping inside or using common sense and keeping a distance from each other and not gathering, you are allowed out at this time, Boris Johnson wants us all to do this! so no matter what a council leader says, the official line is what the PM has said.

It would be foolish of Andrew Western to go above and beyond what he can do and expect legal teams are already watching this man with a sharp eye!

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