UK in near lockdown as Boris Johnson gets tough

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has got real tough with the UK public in what is a near lock down of the country.

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Boris Johnson: YpuTube

Effective immediately people can not come out of the home unless:

  • Going to shops for essential items
  • Doing one form of exercise a day so going for a walk, going for a run, or a bike ride maybe taking the dog for a walk will count as one form of exercise.
  • Going to see a vulnerable person
  • Any medical needs
  • Travelling from to and from work

You should not be meeting friends and fortunately these measures will be looked at again in three weeks says the Prime Minister.

All non essential shops will shut like electrical and clothes shops, only convenience stores and supermarkets will remain open so no need to panic buy.

No mention of the army being involved although Boris Johnson has said that police will fine people or use dispersal orders if they find anyone out not doing the above things.

This could have been much worse, the Prime Minister could have said “No one is allowed out at all” fortunately its an easier approach that will suit many people.

How all of this is going to work is beyond us at this time, are road blocks going to appear and manned so you cannot say “I am on my first bike ride or walk” when you may have been out many times?

No journalists were present at the live broadcast this evening which came much later than normal, however it is what it is and for only three weeks if we all do what is said then it will help ease things again, we can all do this, most of us are already!

Countries like Italy and Spain are in full lock down! this UK style lock down is without doubts is a much better way and so long as police do not go over the top with this new ‘made up’ law and their is scrutiny at how they are dealing with things then we have nothing to worry about.

Foodbanks are now closed if you need emergency support please ring the Trafford Community Response Line which is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm ring 0300 330 9073 this is operated by the CAB

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