Lockdown? What lockdown?

Not much of a lockdown here in a sunny Trafford today.


Walton Park playground closure notice

Today we checked in on Sale, expected police everywhere, in the parks, we expected tape or some barriers to stop people from going in playgrounds with big notices up.

Walton Park had no tape, no barriers and a very small notice telling people the playground is shut, so small you could miss it! no other notices were on other gates.

No police were seen either in a car or van for the time we were in the area, so the “You can only exercise once a day” thing or “You can only see a vulnerable person once” statement looked like a big joke today.

However, things could change a little, with the police already stretched how are they to police all of this and everything else? the government cut police by 20,000 and have not yet given forces the 20,000 they said they would give back, and even when they do find a way it will still not be enough once this virus has gone.

We can say for sure the only problem encountered today was the dirty air, the pollution levels were incredibly bad today that left one of our reporter’s lungs feeling a bit heavy, although he was fine after a drink.

It is not certain whatis to happen next for people here in Trafford, we did not go around everywhere, however, Washway Road and Manchester Road on the A56 and all around we expected to see one police car or van and we saw none.

If this continues through the three weeks we will see the military on our roads, and a full lockdown in place, this would have to include roadblocks.

>Would the public feel this is even harsher since the police and the council has obviously at this time not done as set out, surely it would be their fault?

We heard many people talking about the government trying to control whilst in the park more than actually trying to cancel this virus out, we cannot say one way or another, how things are going only that you must do as the government has asked.

  • Do not touch the face until you have washed your hands
  • Stay away from unwell people
  • Create a 6ft gap between the next person
  • Stay inside as much as you can
  • Work from home

Remember also and it is very factual that fear and stress causes your immune system to fall to the floor, it is negative energy that will open you up to all types of viruses and bugs! so we tell people to try and keep national media TV out of the house until this virus has gone, you will soon see a change in the way you feel for the better.

If you need to watch National News for Boris Johnson live statements then just tune in when he is on.

Boris Johnson and other political people also spread fear, and of course, with a live statement to the country later than normal last night, many people feared the worse! and we ask everyone not to be this way! just participate in what the government has told you and you can do no more than that.

We have just been made aware of a new hospital being created in London called ‘The Nightingale Hospital’ with over 2000 beds, and many more staff added to cope with the amount of people that will need specialist help.

More will follow on this development shortly.

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