The largest amount of 5G and 4G towers we have ever seen on a block of flats in Stretford

We found the largest amount of mobile phone masts we have ever seen on a block of flats in Stretford.

The block of flats known locally as Stretford Flats on the corner of Barton Road and Chester Road had a huge amount of 5G and 4G masts on the roof that many people must now be concerned about.

It could be none of them even know what is going on at the top, we had to use a special optical zoom camera to get the footage from a long way out.

As we are currently doing a map of all the transmitters in Trafford this blew us away! we checked for the dangerous millimetre wave boxes and antennas, we saw none in Stretford.

We saw on though directed at a small housing development in Sale, we are aware that 5G is now south of the M60, we have collected information as to where 5G is in Trafford:

Shopping centres using EE’s 5G coverage:

  • Intu Trafford Centre
  • Stretford Mall
  • Urmston Eden Square
  • Trafford Retail Park
  • Old Trafford Retail Park


  • Trafford General


  • Longford Park Stretford
  • Victoria Park Stretford
  • Gorse Hill Park Stretford
  • Moss Park Stretford
  • Humphery Park Stretford
  • Kingsway Park Stretford
  • Seymour Park Old Trafford
  • Hullard Park Old Trafford
  • Davyhulme Park
  • Golden Hill Park Urmston
  • Abbotsfield Park Flixton (Partially)
  • Flixton Park
  • John Leigh Park Altrincham (South East side
  • Woodsend Park

Green Spaces:

  • Turn Moss Stretford
  • Stretford Medows (90%)
  • Crossford Bridge playing fields (nearer the small park)
  • Sale Water Park (95%)
  • Urmston Medows (70%)


  • Seymour Primary School
  • Kings Road Primary School
  • St Teresa’s Primary School
  • Longford Park School
  • Victoria Park Junior School
  • Victoria Park Infant School
  • Moss Park Infant School
  • Highfield Primary School
  • Davyhulme Primary School
  • Egerton High School
  • Kingsway Primary School
  • Flixton Infant School
  • Flixton Junior School

Wellacre School and St Monicas RD School and Delamere School are not in a 5G area.

5G signal is now reaching further south over the M60 and will soon fry all of Sale, Timperley and Altrincham.

It is not known when Partington and Warburton will get 5G and likely to be the last place, we think 5G fibre though will be something many will choose to have as Partington has no fibre, all internet access is from copper wires which is not good enough.

5G fibre though comes with it the added risk of millimetre wave infrastructure which is what we need to avoid, we have asked Virgin many times to come to Partington however nothing has yet been planned.

It is clear to us people do not want 5G and we are here to help make sure 5G is halted here in Trafford, to make sure our councillors are educated on this new technology, to give residents the facts and not the fiction.

We will say it again to people, 5G in cell towers is not the danger! it is the millimetre wave boxes and antennas that is the concern and of course those satellites in space where gladly we are able to track you can find out where these things are by clicking https://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=starlink



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