Insane scenes at the end of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in London

National News

Black Lives Matter protests have been largely peaceful although scenes at the back end of the London protests went very violent and resembled more like a riot.

In one incident and shown widely on social media an officer ended up almost having his head come off after the horse he was on started to gain speed and ended up smashing into a traffic light.

The officer fell to the ground and from what we could see did not move, whilst he was being attended to protesters could be seen throwing objects at him and horses, we saw someone throw a bike at another police horse.

Manchester is also currently holding a protest in the City Centre and thousands have turned up.

Manchester Market Street: Image from Twitter

Black Lives Matter began because of George Lloyd’s death at the hands of a crazy police officer in the US, since then lots of riots of happened in the US not helped by how the police have reacted.

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