Carrington’s new roads a relief to Partington residents

A1 Road as seen next to Tip Trailer Services: Image Google

Partington and Warburton residents will be feeling a tad happier in the knowledge that two new roads are to be built after the council secured funding.

The road known as the ‘A1 Road’ will be upgraded to make it a proper public use highway and another road will be built from Isherwood Road to Banky Lane which is at the Carrington Spur end of Carrington Lane.

Funding was secured through the HIF (Housing Infrastructure Fund) which will mean the total comes to £32.8m with the council looking for funding from grants which should not be an issue.

Whilst these new roads will be welcomed by many people in Partington and the possibility of a new train line on the abandoned railway people concerned about green issues will be gutted at the decision after campaigners tried hard and had many meetings to save the Carrington Moss.

With the council declaring a Climate Emergency’ in 2018 this is not going to score them any brownie points, with the huge tree felling scheme still underway so that 5G will work and of course some trees do need taking down for safety reasons things are looking bad for this ‘borrowing’ council.

We agree with campaigners that the Carrington Moss should be protected, it could be that the road being built from Isherwood Road could be moved in a way where the damage is limited, although the route has been decided, the campaigners now need to try and get the best deal possible.

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