Face Masks: No one ever thought about how deaf people will cope

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

We have had many emails and messages from people that are deaf or have some hearing problems asking of we could highlight the problems they will face now face masks are compulsory in stores and shopping centres in the UK.

Deaf people tend to lip read, now people are having to wear a face mask or covering more, deaf people are going to struggle.

There are calls for face masks to become transparent so deaf people and those with other hearing issues can communicate as normal.

This is already an incredibly difficult time for these people and others who are disabled, just something that takes away a little bit of stress will mean everything to these people who are our stars of the community.

We are to start a campaign soon to make sure shop keepers and staff wear see through face masks to help all Trafford’s death residents, we will tell you more when everything is sorted out.

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