Coronavirus: Government fiddled the statistics

From the start of this crazy virus we stated in an article that something was not right about it all, and now we have the evidence that the government fiddled the statistics not once but twice!

They have now admitted that they counted a positive test as two, so when they gave the huge numbers out live on television who tested positive it was a complete lie! we also know they have fiddled the statistics on Covid-19 deaths.

So if you had died from being hit under a bus, a car crash on the motorway, a plane crash, died through drowning, lung cancer through smoking and so on, you would have been counted as dying from Covid-19, this inflated the figures.

At this time 45,000 people have died from Covid-19, this is tiny compared to seasonal flu, however because many people did not have Covid-19 when they died how can we even trust these figures anymore?

This also means and it is a good point that because the statistics are wrong, what was the hysteria all about? why did we worry so much for and all the panic buying was for nothing.

It is a fact that more people died because they could not get the treatment they needed, we saw once woman dying of cancer on a BBC Panorama programme, she could not get the treatment needed for her condition and sadly died because of that.

Coronavirus is like a canopy and underneath it is a mass of infections, from the common cold, sore throats, snotty noses, generally feeling unwell and even mild flu symptoms that could include fever, the moment you get a chest infection is where your breathing is restricted, the mucus becomes thicker and changes colour.

If you have a condition already like lung problems this will cause complications and you may need help from a hospital, people die from influenza, can people see that this is what Covid-19 is? it is exactly the same! maybe this time the bug was more virulent and caution was needed.

Even now we need to take small steps to keep ourselves safe from this bug, washing hands and keeping away from people who present a cold is a good idea, however have we not always done this?

With the statistic fiddling, the fact that the Coronavirus or Covid-19 was downgraded into nothing but influenza by two government groups who has the job of listing infectious diseases you have to admit ‘at least’ something is not right with all of this.

The people have been lied to not only from our own government but from local authorities, every politician have lied to you about Coronavirus, we do not know why the WHO (World Health Organisation) continues to infect the world with lies when they knew this was nothing more than a virulent form of flu.

Wearing of face masks has not happened, many shops are not enforcing anything and people are just doing what they need to, shops at this time need your custom more so electrical shops, coffee shops and so on, after the huge break in life, it was irresponsible of the government to make wearing face masks mandatory, for us it was nothing more than a piss take on the public and may have caused further harm on non essential shops.

Boris Johnson and his gang no doubt will be asked some serious questions over the lies and the needless disruption to peoples lives in the months ahead and would not be surprised if people were sent down for this! and that would be justice for all.

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