Partington residents expect better than this!

We have reported many issues in Partington over the years, from one of the biggest fly tips we have ever seen to huge potholes, traffic light outages, road surfaces, dangerous trees and so on.

At the side of what is known as ‘The Mobil’ which is now a car wash place from Warburton Lane has a vegetation issue and has been reported before by ourselves, this issue is again causing problems.

This time it looks like someone had issues with the equipment, this is a bad job if ever we saw one, trees and big vegetation plants half cut down, it makes the place look a right mess and the good people of Partington deserve better than this.

It is not the fault of the Parish Council or any of the political councillors, this area we believe is privately owned, however it is for the Parish Council to respond to problems like this and report such issues, it seems they have not done a thing.

In recent times the Parish Council with residents money put in metal barriers on this path, at the time we thought that someone else in protest put them in as the job was so bad the barriers were just about to fall down.

We got on to the Parish Council the next morning to find out who decided to do this and it was then they confirmed it was themselves without any consultation, we asked One Trafford to investigate and close up the holes left behind.

If you see anything that needs sorting out that we have missed, please either contact One Trafford or your Parish Council, you can also go through us if you need to.

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