Two more 5G masts to go up in Trafford

5G /LTE masts: Image Darren Marsden

Two more 5G masts have been added to the council’s planning lists today 27 July 2020 one in Hale Barns and the other in Flixton.

We urge you to object to these masts as soon as you can.

The Hale Barns mast will be slightly smaller than normal at 17 metres high and will be operated by EE and Three networks will be installed on Chapel Lane and will be a brown colour.

Three (3-UK) will be the operator in charge of the 20 metre phase 8 wraparound monopole mast on Woodsend Road in Flixton.

ICNIRP ( International Commision of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) have update the guidelines from what was previously out of date information, first written in 1998 when 5G was not even thought about.

If any political councillor read the old guidelines then they were reading the wrong information, we suggest they all read and hopefully understand the new guidelines which you can find here https://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/publications/ICNIRPrfgdl2020.pdf

ICNIRP does in-directly say several times that information is sketchy about the effects on EMF’s on the human body, although clearly tell the reader that higher power like a 5G mast will cause adverse health issues in humans.

The lower frequencies are also a source of concern since they have said that anything under 6GHz is bad since the heating effect on the body travels deeper into the body.

When 5G is fully rolled out the microwave radiation really ramps up and could hit 300GHz, what councillors are not really looking at is what other EMF’s are around which will add to the already high amount from a 5G mast.

The baddie in all of this is the MMWave masts and antennas, this is where our real concerns are, these things will be planted on just about every Lamppost, buildings, bus shelters, parks, train stations, Metrolink stops, concert venues, football stadiums.

5G will act like a grid once all rolled out, this will be harmful to us all including our pets and wildlife.

We have read from experts that we will see a movement in our wildlife to try and escape the heat, all the beams, many will die although we are not saying birds dropping from the sky was the result of 5G.

Many people would have read and watched on TV in recent times of birds falling from the sky in Wales, we checked and could not find one mobile phone mast anywhere near where the birds had fallen.

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