Covid-19: Hydroxychloroquine give it a chance or let it go?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yesterday US president Donald Trump retweeted a link that shown several medics being filmed talking mostly about a drug called Hydroxychloriquine for the treatment of Coronavirus and Covid-19.

The anti-malaria drug also known as Plaquenil was first mentioned by the US president in March as a ‘Game changer’ this drug has been around a long time and has some nasty side effects.

Side effects can include death in some people as it tends to mess with the heart, however it has been said that so long as you eat something with the tablet and taken at the right dosage that this tablet can be as safe as any other.

Despite the FDA claiming that after trials of the medication it made no difference to Covid-19 and it was withdrawn as a possible game changer, however one doctor from Texas in the US with several other doctors are claiming Hydroxychloriquine saves lives.

Dr Stella Immanuel who is also a pastor in Texas was seen by millions on video saying that she could not understand why the hysteria and why the media or the government is not using Hydroxychloriquine and two other drugs,

She claimed that she saved lives by giving them the drugs, and no one needs to wear a mask or worry, again she repeated “It’s a cure”

The doctor gained her qualifications in Nigeria, then was given two licences in the US, she deals mostly with paediatric and adolescent medicine.

It could be that Hydroxychloriquine does work however big pharma always gets its way, they of course are set earn billions of pounds with vaccines that are more likely to cause harm than solve the Covid-19 crisis.

Money and power is what is driving this thing, corruption in the World Health Organisation cannot be ruled out, either way all we can do is continue to hope that science gets a move on and for something to end this utter nightmare that is Covid-19.

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