Not got a ‘fix your bike’ voucher? no problem

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

The UK governments free £50 fix your bike voucher scheme crashesd only minutes after the official website went live.

Thousands of people were unable to connect as the server suffered an outage, we have tried several times and all we get is the message: Http error 404.

With only 50,000 vouchers we think all of these will have been snapped up leaving many with nothing.

We expect the website to be back up and running again soon, once it does come back on the same thing will happen again.

Do not despair though we have videos below for you that will make it easier to fix your bike:

We know some people are new to cycling and do not know how to fix a puncture, we suggest you do not go into a bike store as they charge a lot of money and maybe very busy.

Look below on how to fix a puncture in either wheel:

Sometimes things just need tightening up, buy yourself some tools, an allen key set is a must for all cyclists, often some things need tightening up again, or it could be the mechanic did not tighten everything up.

Make sure all bolts are tight, however not too tight as you could do permanent damage so use the right amount of pressure.

Tyres need to be pumped up to the right pressure, if you go out and your tyres are very low you will feel the bumps more, you will go slower and the chances of a puncture are greater, always keep your tyres pumped up more so if you are on a road bike.

To get the best bike that fits you look at the video below, you must make sure it fits you in store.

If you need a new chain again this can be done in no time, you will need an extractor tool though which is around £10, to avoid problems with your chain yo must look after it, all the chain needs is a wash now and again, leave it and it will start to rust look at the video below:

We hope this of some use to you if you could not get a voucher, all it needs is for you to get some tools, or borrow some and get fixing your bike, and off you go! and remember to bring with you a spare tube,puncture repair outfit and a good pump, not forgetting a nice cool drink in your cage and wearing a helmet! enjoy!

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