Greater Manchester goes into a ‘type’ of lockdown

Do not panic, this is not really a lockdown, however it might lead to one so for the time being keep calm.

Matt Hancock has tweeted tonight that because the people of Greater Manchester had not been social distancing that they can no longer be able to meet each other indoors.

Nothing else will change from what we know, this is really crazy, how can anyone trust these pathetic Tory politicians?

They have lied throughout and frustratingly have gotten away with it all, now they are treating us all like little children.

We can assure you that nothing is going to change much, everything will be open, no real change so it will be easy to manage.

The only issue that some people will have is what was due to open on 1 Aug 2020 will now be put on hold.

You cannot go into your mums house for a drink and a chat, yet you can speak to her at a pub or somewhere else since you can go to the pub with your family, we ask also how is this going to be enforced?

The government in there wisdom are actually trying to stop a second wave which they believe could hit the UK in a couple of weeks, local lockdowns will happen such as this one for a while until the government or some other country develops a vaccine.

Despite this and frustratingly so the government has a cure right under there stupid noses! they all shake nervously when you mention that anti malaria drug since Big Pharma has a gun at there heads!

This is all about corruption and money, lots of money! these big pharmaceutical firms will make billions making a vaccine that hardly anyone will want, in a previous article we mentioned how the US government may get people to have this vaccine that could mean military action on its own people.

Will the UK follow as they always do? we shall see! a vaccine is not far away now, it is a race and having a guess we think the US will win.

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