Coronavirus: this is more about control than a virus

Our View

From the early days not many people knew what this virus was, all we had was sketchy information from a corrupt government.

That Sunday evening where Boris Johnson came on the BBC with over 25m people watching, nervously awaiting what is to happen, then to irresponsibly tell everyone that this virus could take members of your family before there time.

The psychological damage this has done to some people is real, however people did die from this virus, well that is what we was told for months, every live briefing told of more doom and gloom, hundreds of thousands of people testing positive and all these people dying continued the fear narrative.

As time went on more and more people thought it was a little bit odd what was going on, they took to social media, went fact finding, checked the figures, looked at how viruses work and so on.

We saw doctors from America claiming that what was going on is suspicious, the stories these people were giving was compelling, back home in the UK the questions to the government were always being dodged, mainstream media was scared to death of asking what they should have asked.

Then suddenly we found out that the statistics were fake, for every positive test it counted as two, so example 1000 positive tests were only 500, Matt Hancock actually said live on TV that he would be investigating this, he has done nothing! and that issue has suddenly gone quiet!

Look at Covid-19 deaths, how many actually died from the bug, when again on British TV we saw government saying they will look into the figures since people were labelled as having died of Covid-19 even if they had a heart attack or some other disease.

The new restrictions are even worse, it is all statistically driven, the numbers are wrong, completely wrong, they are nowhere near what is claimed, to restrict things was not needed and we can now claim this has nothing to do with any virus.

We can even go one further and say hardly any virus is in our communities anymore, and all of what we are seeing is about control, an agenda is in operation that we can all agree.

Why are the government looking at shutting down pubs and restarunts just so we can get our kids back to school for? what has that got to do with anything? how is going to a Chinese going to affect anything?

The new restrictions are also insane, you cannot go to see your mum or dad yet you can go to a pub with them, it is all made up nonsense.

We now read that the government has the army on standby to deal with any problems in communities, we are guessing this is what they are really after and by the way people are talking on social media and these big groups forming they may get there wishes.

For now we ask people to keep calm, do the right things and try not to give police more work to do as many would agree GMP have been a responsible force and have shown more common sense in what is troubling times.