20 metre 5G mast to go up close to Trafford College in Altrincham

location of the mast: Google

The network operator Three has put in an application to install a 20 metre high 5G mast on Stamford Brook Road at the back of Trafford College.

Residents on Stamford Brook Road and all those attending Trafford College are urged to object to this mega high mast that is proven to be unsafe to humans and animals.

Object by clicking here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/planning-applications/comment-on-an-application.aspx

The mast itself being so tall would look ugly and could make your home go down in value, we have heard of problems for home owners where a 5G mast has been installed around where they live.

5G as we have often said is unsafe for everyone, we are talking about health issues and it is for our councillors to understand the ‘New’ updated guidelines not the older one that they may have read which did not touch on 5G frequencies.

The new guidelines actually prove ICNIRP really have no idea what will happen, only giving some technical information about frequencies that anyone could find on the internet.

More masts are planned and you can find out more on these masts and regular updates and information on the Facebook group ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’

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