Work to start soon on a new housing development in Partington

Notice sign on Manchester Road Partington: Pic Darren Marsden

Land on the former Greyhound pub has now been cleared and work will start on building 45 new flats,

The housing development was strongly opposed by the lacklustre Parish Council and having looked at the application ourselves we can see no approval being made for work to happen on this site.

The government though has made things easier for housing developments to be built and a house builder no longer needs to go through the council for an approval, this could be the start of something really bad for Partington.

It seems just about anyone can dump there huge housing development in Partington with little or no opposition and the new rules would mean much of the green spaces will vanish soon.

The Warburton Lane hybrid housing development will get the governments nod of approval, land opposite Cross Lane Park has already been bought, this is a huge bit of land and if it becomes houses it will add a further 600 or so houses to the area.

Wherever a green space is will be at serious risk of vanishing forever, people do need to object, however since not even the council can do anything then its a free for all, and yes! no new roads or shops will be part of any housing develpment, and do not think for one minute it will be a long time for housing developments to be built, they go up in no time!

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