Brexit could cost the UK more than £160bn

If the Coronavirus was not enough with all the conflicting information and lies the government has given you then wait until 01/01/2021.

The UK will be in serious debt of over £160bn until 2040, we will be locked into debt due to loans and other EU things.

Iain Duncan Smith has said that due to the Withdrawal Agreement signed in 2019 it helps avoid the EU to avoid a budget black hole, they will get £39bn divorce payment! and buried in the small print it will mean we remain hooked into the EU’s loan book.

It seems the Withdrawal agreement the EU wants is a UK half in and half out and this is the sticking point.

Of course it also means we will rely heavily on the US for just about everything, chlorinated chicken, pharmaceutical grade beef, our food quality will fall badly meaning more people will become unwell.

The NHS will be up for grabs, what crafty Boris will do is offer free consultations, if you need any further treatment you will have to pay, or get health insurance.

Big named US companies will start buying up parts of the NHS, bit by bit and before you know it our NHS will have gone forever.

As with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 the Tories cannot be trusted to even tell the truth about the statistics, they lied about the £350m that was supposed to go the NHS, Boris Johnson is a serial liar and he really needs to step down.

Not a lot will change for people on the the 1st of January 2021, over the weeks though you will notice many big changes that will affect some parts of your life, some drugs will not be available we expect that will increase to many types.

Labour MP’s voiced their concerns over making sure insulin was available with no answers from this dreadful government, what about cancer drugs? heart drugs? even hayfever medications could be hit.

People may die because of the lack of availability to some important life saving drugs, some foods will start to become harder to find since much of it will still be on HGV’s stuck on the south coast and for weeks!

We could have listened to Labour and the Liberal Democrats who were offering the hand of hope, yet again the manipulative nature that is Boris Johnson began to spread his rotten and diseased nonsense over what seemed like a fairly gullible Great Britain.

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