Legal charity says that many councils in the UK discriminate against autistic children

Ed Davey

The Disibility Law Service who Liberal Democrats MP Ed Davey is patron has said that 41 councils in the UK have discriminated against autistic children.

It is claimed that the councils identified and not yet named denied autistic children appropriate care assessments and support unless they have an additional disability or a full diagnosis of Autism.

Davey believes the way the children are treated is unlawful, discriminatory and unacceptable.

A letter to all 41 councils will be sent and it is hoped they take this seriously and respond in the appropriate way, if no one responds then action will be taken.

All authorities not just the 41 that has been identified need to review their policies so they do not discriminate against autistic children and to change them where possible and to ensure these policies are clear and easy to understand.

The policies should also be easily accessible to the public, we hope to be able to name the councils that have been identified soon could Trafford be one of them?

You can see the entire document written by Ed Davey here: https://dls.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Open-Letter-to-Local-Authorities-Autism-Plus-Campaign-signed.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1Ff-kFBEF-KdSLVlBIMSDCpumE0FAvWOCSetWCoT2qlr4V-m-1jbLvZPA

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